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Celery Juice: Fad or Fantastic?

What's the deal with celery juice? This is probably my most frequently asked question. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen pictures of this beautiful bright-green elixir that I try and consume daily. Here's why.

I started daily celery juice in November 2020, although it had been an occasional part of my routine for two years prior to that. This summer has been really crazy for me- super busy with my zillion jobs and Noa, and I have to admit my whole routine slipped from my fingers a few times. And let me tell you, I felt it. I seriously feel it in my body when I am not having this green goodness every day!

How did this whole craze even start?

I’ll start by giving a little introduction to the Medical Medium and his protocols, because that’s what got me and millions of others hooked on CJ. Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, is a medical intuitive. Spirit tells him what’s going on inside peoples bodies, any disease or imbalance, and also what to do to heal in a natural way. I know this sounds woo-woo, but he has healed more people during his time in practice than any other doctor or healer in the world. The thing with his information is that it is “downloaded” intuitively, and not all of it is scientifically proven yet. He describes his findings as being “ahead of the curve”, and that modern science will catch up eventually, but we desperately need his information NOW while we are sicker than we have ever been. I don’t think that everything has to be scientifically studied to be valid and effective, in fact we have to keep in mind who is funding the research that we rely so heavily on. It’s all subjective.

The goodness

Anthony wrote an entire book dedicated to the magic of celery juice! I have yet to read it, but the results that I feel when drinking celery juice are enough to motivate me to keep drinking. He claims that it starves unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, and viruses present in the body and flushes their toxins out of the liver. Pathogens like these, and parasites, are often the underlying cause of disease in the body. They compromise the integrity of the gut, cause inflammation, and steal our precious nutrients

Celery is high in bioactive sodium and other trace minerals that help balance acidity and alkalize the gut. Celery juice can also help to increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is needed to digest and assimilate nutrients from our food. Celery juice is said to improve kidney and adrenal function, and because it contains so many trace minerals it literally feeds our nervous system. When our nervous system is taken care of we experience less anxiety, depression, ADHD, brain fog, and other neurological disorders.

“When drinking celery juice my skin is clear, smooth, less red, and has an overall more even glow.”

The biggest improvement that I have found from drinking celery juice (almost) daily- hey, I’m not perfect- is the glow that it gives my skin. My skin is extremely sensitive to what I put in my body. When I am stressed and I eat foods that I know don’t work well with me, I will immediately see it in the appearance of my skin. When drinking celery juice my skin is clear, smooth, less red, and has an overall more even glow. It’s really amazing. I find that my under eye circles get less dark as well, which is a huge bonus! Less concealer. I’ve also noticed an elimination of my brain fog, and that it helps me feel more calm and happy.

How to make it

I started off making my celery juice in the blender. Rinse and cut the celery (1 head is usually enough), place it in the blender and blend on high until smooth. You shouldn’t have to add any water, but if you do, add as little as you can and try to make it filtered water. Then pour it into a nut milk bag, or reusable produce bag, and squeeze out the juice! This doesn’t take long at all and the time is well worth it. It’s best to make it daily, if you can, and drink soon after making. If you’re like me and you manage to make it a part of your daily routine, which I highly suggest, investing in a juicer is a great idea. I have the Omega juicer, which is a slow masticating juicer. This kind is best for getting the most yield out of celery and other fruits/veggies, and it’s really quiet which I love. It doesn’t wake the baby!

A warning for those with sensitive tummies!

Some people experience loose stools or slight stomach upset when they start taking celery juice. If this is the case, start slow. You may need to start with a very small amount, 2-4 ounces, and work your way up from there. Listen to your body and ease your way in if you experience any symptoms. Otherwise aim for at least 16 ounces per day, but up to 32. I drink, on average, 24 ounces daily depending on the size of my celery. Also, if you get any of your family members on CJ as well, it might be worth heading to your local grocery store and asking for a discounted box of celery! This is what I do and I get it for much cheaper than if I was to buy individual heads. And they last in my fridge for a long time- but you have to have a second fridge!

Let me know if you're a fan of this gorgeous green elixir, or tag me, @wholesomama, in a post when you give it a try!

Loving you,



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