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Re-useable Cotton Drawstring Tea Bag

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This reusable cotton tea bag is a great option for those who like to go zero waste, ditch the pre-made plastic-filled tea bags, and steep their tea in an organic, nonmetal steeper. 

To use, place loose herbal blend of your choice into the tea bag, tighten the drawstring, and place in your mug. Pour hot water and let it steep for desired time. 

Empty herbal contents, rinse, and use a gentle unscented soap to wash. Lay out or hang to dry for next use! 

I love using these bags when making tea for a larger gathering. I place herb in the bag, tie off the drawstring to seal, and place the tea bag at the bottom of a large carafe or jar. Fill with hot water, let it sit for a few minutes and pour! No need to strain before serving which saves time. 

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