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Minis Sample Pack of 4

Your opportunity to try a variety of blends to see which one(s) you enjoy most! They make a great gift!
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These minis are great for trying different blends to see which ones you enjoy most, or for gifting. They are the perfect size for party favours, or small additions to a gift for a loved one. The price includes four minis, and they can be mixed and matched to suit your needs!

Mini Sample Pack Options

Womb Love, a female reproductive tonic that strengthens and tones the uterus, can improve efficiency of menstruation, reduce cramps, and provide the body with vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy cycle. Although many of these plants have an affinity for the female reproductive system, they are extremely nourishing and are beneficial for every body.

Nourishing Nervine, my go-to for nervous system support, stress reduction, and to boost mood while bringing a sense of calm and relaxation.

Anahata, a blend dedicated to connecting you to your heart centre. These herbs and flowers both physically and energetically work with the heart!

Revitalizer contains herbs that help protect the liver from free radical damage, as well as from heavy metals and other harmful substances. These herbs not only support the liver, but contain high levels of nutrients needed for the body to function optimally. Also helpful for the lymphatic system and to prevent water retention.

Breathe, a blend I created to support the respiratory system (respiratory illness, smoking, chemical inhalation), boost immunity, and improve stamina and recovery from illness.

Sweet Dreaming, a sleep-inducing hypnotic blend created to calm the nervous system, reduce mind chatter, and prepare you for a restful sleep. This blend is also helpful for individuals with severe anxiety or panic, as it contains sedative plants.

*Consult your healthcare practitioner before consumption if you are currently taking any medications

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