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Milky Oat Tops

This herb is a gentle yet powerful nerve tonic to add into your daily infusions
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Milky oat tops are the most medicinally potent part of the oat plant, Avena sativa. When used in tea they are one of the best and most gentle nerve tonics on the planet, and they also tone the cardiovascular system.

Oats are particularly helpful for individuals that are irritable, anxious, depressed, and frazzled. Those whose spirits are lacking vitality after periods of overworking and chronic stress. Milky oats are helpful for protecting the myelin sheath (which protects nerves), so I love to recommend them to individuals with MS.

I decided to start offering bags of this single herb because they are great to sprinkle into any tea blend that you enjoy, or even on their own. Work with this plant consistently and you will notice a shift!

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