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Heart Strong Tincture, 2oz

a physical cardiovascular tonic and energetic heart medicine for grief, loss, and heartbreak.
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Product Details

This tincture can be used in a few ways, and for a few reasons. Hawthorn berries are a powerful cardiovascular tonic that strengthen the circulatory system, improve blood flow, and may lower blood pressure. Hawthorn is used in TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) for those with a wandering mind, restless sleep, and those that feel a lack of direction as it strengthens the heart meridian.

Both of these gorgeous plants have thorns to protect them. Their medicines can be used for individuals that have experienced trauma, heartbreak, or loss that has caused them to become closed-off to the world or to themselves. Those who may come across as "prickly"--not letting anyone get too close to their tender heart. When used with intention this formula may help you live with a more open heart, resilient to life's ups and downs and knowing that you are here to experience it all.

What's Inside?

Hawthorn berries*, rose petals*, motherwort*, ethanol, distilled water

*Certified USDA Organic


To strengthen the cardiovascular system:

25 drops (1 squeeze of dropper bulb) into a little water or tea, 2x daily

As a heart opening, energetic medicine:

5-10 drops onto the tongue as needed

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